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 Your Goals

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PostSubject: Your Goals   Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:13 am

Hello. This forum is all about your in-game goals. Post a topic about what you're trying to accomplish, get support from your fellow members, and also keep us updated on how well your doing!

Try to include levels and experience till your next level as much as you can.

Here are a couple things I don't want you doing here:

-putting another member down about their goal (everyone has a dream to work toward)

-cursing out a member

Here's what I want to see:

-giving advice on how to acheive their goal(s)

-helping with their goal(s)

-giving support

If we all do this, we'll all have fun showing off what we want to do and maybe even get there faster with some help from others.

Have fun!

Thank you,


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Your Goals
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