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 "I Will Never Forget"

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PostSubject: "I Will Never Forget"   Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:14 am

Here's a short story I made one day. You can tell what kind of mood I was in by reading it.

"I Will Never Forget"

I recalled sweet memories on a Tuesday night. The air smelt of sweet rain as I walked down the wet, paved road. The sun was no longer visible, letting darkness creep into the world. Even though the rain has subsided, the clouds are still relentless and haven't thinned. Rain still drip from the now orange and brown leaves. Rounding a corner, I heard the chirps of birds overhead and to the sides of me. The road goes on and on as far as I could see. I felt at peace.
I could have kept walking and not turn back--turn back and be refreshed with the memories of that was once sweet, but now bring a sharp pain to my chest. A tear rolled down my cheek, not even seeking my consent. As it rolled, it left a small train behind itself. The trail dried up shortly after being created. At the end of the tear's journey, it clung to the bottom of my jaw. All it wanted was to stay there, forever. I found a similarity between the tear and I. The tear tried desperately to cling to what it believed to be the only reason for it's existence. I too, tried and tried to cling. The tear fell. In the end, I, like my brother-through-reason, will fall. A bright light brought me out of the thoughts of the tear. I heard the sound of a motor and wheels making contact with the wet pavement. The noise gets only louder, the light brighter. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. I heard the sounds of the motor quickly fading away behind me. Without the noise, the inner peace was back. I'm halfway done with my journey, so I turned back toward my destiny. At that, a small drizzle of rain began--the heavens weeping for those below. Showing their sympathy even greater, the drizzle changed into an even greater drizzle.
Walking the way I once came, it now lightly raining, I felt drops running down my face. I didn't know if it was rain, or renewed tears. What I did know was that the sweet yet painful memories have erupted inside of me once again. I once felt warmth from them. They're now cold as ice. I tried to cling. I tried with all my might, but like the tear, I'll fall. It fell and became one with the ground. In my case, it wouldn’t be the ground. No, that would be a blessing compared to this. No, I'll fall into eternal sadness. Looking at the road of my life, all I want to do is cut off what lies ahead. Cut off what lies behind. So then I wouldn't have a future, wouldn't be able to see the past again--go through this deep pain again. The once light rain has begun falling in earnest. I could feel more water droplets dropping of my face. As I looked in the distance, I seen a flouting sheet of rain. A fog, of sorts.
Realization finally sunk in as I realized that it wasn't just the rain dropping off my face. The tears are now falling like the rain falling from the clouds--now ignoring their master's command to halt. The tear, who held on even though there was no hold, fell. It still tried to hold on, knowing it would fall. It wanted to at least savor those last few moments. The tear and I are so much alike. I quietly sobbed. With no one around, I could let out my sadness, not hold it in and act like I'm alright. In the end, I know I will fall. So I too, as least savored the last moments.
Finally reaching the end of my journey, I stopped in midst ride. I remembered the promises I made. The promises I made and put all my heart into them. I meant them. I'll do my best to fulfill them. A promise that is constantly itching at my mind: "I promise I will never forget." I can shroud the past all I want, but I will not forget. I can try to break the road of the future, but I can't. That road isn't even built yet. I'll build it with my own two hands. People may hate me--people may try to hurt me--people may try to sway me off my set path, but they can't force me to forget memories. I will move on with all the sweet memories--memories no one should forget. I'll learn from them--use them to my advantage. With my promise in mind, I slowly walk up to the door of my house, now savoring the last moments of peace. I open the door and quickly walk to my room. I close the door behind me, locking it--hoping I might have one more night's peace. I flipped the lights and slipped under my covers on my bed. As I closed my eyes, I remembered the promise and pictured all the sweet memories I still hold on to. With the promise the last thing on my mind, I drifted off into sleep. The peace will be gone in the morning--then the storms of life will begin.

Written by Neoh

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"I Will Never Forget"
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